S&M Hunter Begins


S&M Hunter Begins


This prequel to the pink cult hit S&M Hunter tells the origin story of how an average salary man became the worlds first S&M superhero! How did he lose his eye? Why is bad girl Meg chasing him in the first place? And why did Maria become a masochist?

Long out of print and hungered for by Pink Eiga fans the world over, Pink Eiga Inc. is proud to release the only true superhero movie that matters in a flooded market of comic book adaptations!

Erika Suzune,Yutaka Ikejima,  Hiromi Saotome,  Naomi Sugishita,  Shiro Shimomoto Porn Movies 1996 Pink Eiga &39;90s,18+ Schoolgirls,Asian,BDSM,Bondage,Classic,Domination,Feature,International,Japanese

Release Year: 1996
Studio: Pink Eiga