Tempted Tutor


2 seconds will be deducted from your Pay-Per-Minute time for every second watched.Premium PPM allows us to bring you the best Adult content from the hottest studios.Tempted TutorLia Lin is a spoiled student. Instead of studying, she hangs around with her friends, so she needs to get tutoring from her nerdy classmate, Tommy Gold. She gets bored of her class really fast, but Tommy spices things up with the snap of his fingers. As soon as he snaps them, time stops and her hot pupil is frozen!He doesnt wait long and takes advantage of the situation. Tommy takes out his hard cock and starts fucking Lia in her mouth. After he is done, he snaps his fingers again and her student unfreezes. Before she has the chance to realize her situation, her tutor freezes her again. This time, he eats out her sweet and tight pussy and starts pounding it hard.When Lia gets unfrozen again, she is extremely horny and cant resist her tutors hard cock. Their passionate fucking between student and teacher ends with huge creampie inside Lia.

Release Year: 2024
Studio: Freeze
Duration: 16 mins.
Release Date: Mar 26, 2024